By 2024, the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi will inaugurate an integrated, inclusive and innovative health campus at the "Viviers" site, at the eastern gateway to Charleroi. This campus, devoted entirely to health, will be spread out around the first new-generation Belgian hospital. The 17-hectare site will be developed in a sustainable manner, will blend into its urban environment, and with its new functions will contribute to the redeployment of our Region. In a certified environment, the new hospital will accommodate all the acute and serious medical functions that are currently spread out around five different sites, which will significantly reduce its energy footprint.

The GHdC is calling on real estate operators to ensure the development of its current sites (Saint-Joseph, IMTR, Reine Fabiola) and a site that it owns (Viviers Nord) as part of the overall restructuring of the GHdC, the urban redevelopment of the districts concerned, and the redevelopment of Charleroi.